"Little Jesus""Robo-Thor" armor"Take care of Officer Jack" for Mira
$100 NCR$20 NCR$5 NCR
...And Know Disintegrations...And Not a drop to Drink.223 FMJ
.223 pistol.223 pistol (Fallout).223 round
.22LR round.303.308 Caliber Round
.308 caliber round (Fallout 3).308 round (Fallout: New Vegas).32 Kaliber Kula
.357 Magnum revolver long barrel.357 magnum revolverAlbert Cole
ArefuCentaur (Fallout)Damage
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GURPSGeorgeHärledd statistik
IntelligensInterplay EntertainmentKapsyler
KarismaMax StoneMegaton
MänniskaMänniskorNatalia Dubrovhsky
Point Lookout (add-on)Primära statistikerProjekt:Stump statistik
Republic of DaveRivet CityRobert House
Rock-It LauncherSPECIALSierra Depot GNN Transcript
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